Am.Can.Ch Kishniga The Tempest "Sebastian"

Passed away July 7th, 2006

Pedigree (Littermate with Bard of Avon "Cookie")

Co-Owned by Dr. Richard Meen and Patti Fitzgerald Coles

Photos from BCOA Specialty as Stud Dog Entry



BISS Am.Can.Ch. Kishniga The Bard of Avon

'Cookie' is now in a retirement home with Roxanne Frank


CnAmCh Blackmoor Opal of Rokaro

Now co-owned by Margery Armstrong, & Patti Coles

Passed away spring 2006

Opal came to Canada from New Mexico with one AKC point.  She finished rapidly in Canada including a 5 point specialty win, WB BCOO (all points co-owner handled by Margery Armstrong), and did well in AKC shows, shown by her new co-owner, Patti Fitzgerald Coles. Her pedigree will carry on in her litter sired by Sebastian.

American Show Photos

Shown by Patti Coles


Opal's pedigree

AmCh Spritzkof's Imagine of Astara
Tsar Alexander
Lady Galadriel
AmCh Yuri Asha
Lady Galadriel
AmCh Asha Sur Le Pointe
AmCh Sundown's Hit Parade
AmCh Evrapath Czar Iozrob
AmCh Sundown's Larissa
AmCh Evrapath Ozzovna
AmChHa'Pennce Rohan Rubato
AmCh Sundown's Penny Wise
AmCh Sundown's Larissa
Sirhan Phantom Lake Padraig
AmCnCh Sirhan Baryatinsky
AmChCh Kishniga's Calypso
MBISS AmCnCh P O S H Echovesna's Islaev
AmCh Crescents Arctic Glacier
AmCh Windswept Glory of Echovesna
AmCh Windswept's Favorite Angel
AmCnCh Rokaro's Aiva
Kishniga's Dirlov Blowup
AmCnCh Kishniga's Night Rider
CnCh Kishniga's Dancing in the Dark
AmCnCh Kishniga Harvester Tuppence
AmCnCh Kishniga's Rasputin
AmCCh Kishniga's Jo Jo Starbuck
AmCnCh Keljhennis's As You Like It