Michael and Leonie Puppy Pictures

Congratulations to Dam

CnAmCh Rokaro's Leonie (co-bred Margery Armstrong & Mary Childs)

Shown above going BOB at the All Hound Specialty in Toronto. She also went BOB at the Borzoi Canada Booster at Limestone in 2007.

Left to right Margery Armstrong, Owner, Judge Eugene Blake, Handler Patti Fitzgerald, co-breeder of her litter with Mary Childs


Ch Kishniga Zorro at Hi Tor is with Kathy Fleming and just qualified for his St. John's Therapy Dog certificate. Congratulations on his Group 3rd at the Scarborough Show, Sept. 24. Finished Friday, May 25th, at the Aurora KC show, photo below




New Photos thanks to  Louise Herbert, taken Feb. 06

Ch Rokaro's Mercy at Hi Tor is with Pam Calver ...having a ball with the cats.   She is making good progress in Obedience, completed her first leg. She finished her championship in June '08


Here with Lucas the cat, her aunt CnCh Rokaro's Miranda CD, Novice rally o  and her friend Brie enjoying quality time with Pam. 

Marcy with CD ribbons




Galina, sister to Marcy, will be co-owed by Patti Coles and Margery Armstrong. She will be staying at Hi Tor kennel for now.


Zubin is with Michelle Copeland .  He is qualified as a Therapy Dog in Virginia. Above BW.  He now has two 3 point  majors.



Sundance and Jack